A Few Words from Our Parents

Over the years we have taught many students, sharing our love for dance with them and their families. Here are a few kind words from the parents of some of our current, and past, dance students.

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The Vassallo Family

Five years have passed since our eldest child started ballet at Brisbane Dance Theatre. We originally signed her up to support her love of movement and to give her structure, discipline and fun... We never imagined this would instil in her – and her younger sister – a love of dance. Her desire to learn and perfect new steps can be attributed to the devoted staff. Sally Muntz and her team of talented teachers are dedicated, caring and patient.  They foster relationships with each child and family that goes beyond teaching a child “a step” and are wonderful role models. 

Sally has created a “BDT family” and both the girls and our family are delighted to be part of this family and the friendships we have all made. The climax of each year is watching students perform. We are always amazed at how professional these concerts are run and at the calibre of dancing shown by all ages. We are so grateful that we found Brisbane Dance Theatre and that Sally Muntz is the Principal/Director.

Kate Pidcock

This is only our second year at BDT, and the difference between concerts 2017 and 2018 blew me away last night. Not having the juniors in the senior concert was a great move as it allowed the concert to be a complete start to end performance, rather than just dances to watch our children in. The whole night flowed, the dads were great, the props and stalls were perfect, venue was better - I was so impressed by everything. Having volunteered backstage the night before I don't know how you do it! But well done!

Liz Taylor

Thanks again for a really fabulous year! We absolutely love being a part of the BDT Family, and I really think we made such a great decision to select your dance school. I have made some incredibly lovely friendships with the ballet mums, I love volunteering and attending your events throughout the year, exercising with you at barre classes and watching Sarah grow into a beautiful dancer under your direction, support and guidance. It really has been a magic year and I look forward to it continuing and being a part of our lives next year and beyond.

Lora Carusi

Rosie really loves her ballet lessons with you and I wanted to express how happy it makes my heart seeing Rosie love ballet! So a huge thank you for being so patient and loving towards our little ones. It helps shape who they become! You play such an important role in her Friday’s each week and we are blessed to be part of the Brisbane Dance Theatre Family! You’re doing an amazing job!! 

And to see Addy do so well and be supported by Melissa’s guidance this year has been overwhelming for me! She adores Melissa, so both my girls are super happy and we are very lucky indeed! xx 

Nicola Harrison

Eleanor continues to adore her lessons at BDT and if she could come 5 days a week she would I think! So, thanks for providing such a superior dance school and being such wonderful teachers.


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